Why Metal Planters Are Helpful

If you are a gardener, metal planters are simply the best way to go. I remember the time when I thought that terra cotta pots were the ONLY way to keep my plants beautiful. I read somewhere that they helped to regulate the moisture content of the soil. Boy, did I goof.

Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are beautiful, don’t get me wrong. They are available in every style, too. I should know, I bought a lot of them. And they weren’t cheap, either. Oh, sure, the simple ones were inexpensive, but the really pretty ones with designs? Forget about it – I paid a TON of money for those things. They’ll last forever, right?

Boy, did I find out otherwise. First of all, they flaked. My most expensive pots flaked off in layers, leaving a terrible mess on the patio, until there was nothing left at all.

The ones that didn’t flake got cracks in them! I was really upset to find some of my pots with big cracks running from the rim to the bottom. Even more aggravating were the tutorials I saw on how to repair these pots. They wanted me to drill a series of holes – using a “mortar bit”, whatever that is – on each side of the crack, and lace it back together with BAILING WIRE! It was supposed to look “rustic”. I thought it just looked stupid. Plus, my plants were lying around on the patio, WITHOUT A POT, gasping for air like fish out of water while I played “cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe” with the stupid pots. Which, by the way, shattered when I tried to drill them.

AND…that whole moisture equalizing thing? What that means is that the terra cotta leaches the moisture out of the soil, leaving a white residue on the side of the pot and dry soil – and DEAD PLANTS – inside.

Plastic Pots

Plastic pots rot. Sure, they are light weight. Sure they are in different styles, but if they sit in the sun, they rot. And break. And the plant dies.

Metal Planters

Which brings me to metal planters. Ok, right up front, metal will rust. But guess what? My metal planters have outlasted everything else I’ve tried in my garden and home!

The metal planters are available in any style you want, in any size. They are amazingly lightweight. Check for planters that have holes drilled in the bottom so that excess water can drain out. This will keep the bottom from rusting. If the metal planter is sitting on a paver or rack rather than the dirt, it will last even longer.

Stainless steel is particularly durable. You can find stainless planters with powder coated surfaces to get the color you want. Or, you can simply get a pretty metal planter and put your ivy in it, knowing that it will look good for years to come.

In reality, I still have terra cotta pots, and plastic ones, too. They are just too pretty to never use again. But, my metal planters have outlasted everything.

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