Using Planters To Accent Your Home

Bringing the outdoors in can make your home more cozy and welcoming. Quite often, people find that they feel more relaxed with a few leafy plants around to soften the straight lines of man-made buildings and furnishings. Even the planters used can make a big difference inside your home. In fact, large planters often serve as major accents in your home, even when used for non- plant purposes. Here are some ways to use planters of all types and sizes in the house.

Space Definition

Take a page from the business-world decorator’s handbook, and use planters to define spaces. For example, many homes don’t have an entryway, or foyer. You just walk right into the front room from the outside. You can create the feeling of an entryway, though, with a carefully chosen planter and plant. A large planter with a tall fern or ficus tree can create a cozy atmosphere as you walk in the door. The planter doesn’t have to stand between the door and the room. It can stand in the corner, overhanging the entry area. One of the difficult aspects of a separate entry is the sense of exposure. A large planter can integrate the spaces, making you feel less exposed when you walk in.

Large rooms and lofts offer great opportunities for the use of planters as screens. Creating a visual barrier with plants is more appealing than an actual screen or wall partition. Sure, you can peek through, so if you require absolute privacy, the plants probably won’t work. However, you can use them to soften dividing walls.

Non-Plant Use

Do you have a “brown thumb”? Maybe you can’t keep a plant alive, but that doesn’t have to keep you from using that beautiful planter you saw at the antique store. A lovely small planter can serve as a vase on your mantel or bookshelf. If you have found a really large garden planter UK you really love, turn it into a table! Cut a round bit of particle board to fit down into the planter about 4 inches down into the opening. Cover the board with something pretty, such as swaths of fabric, sea shells, or even different colors and textures of preserved moss and lichen. Lay a beveled circle of heavy tempered glass over the top, and you have a striking end table, coffee table, or bistro table for the breakfast nook.


Another great non-plant use for planters is a water feature. You can add a water feature to your home with carefully layered pots that appear to spill water into each other, through the use of a re-circulation pump. The sound of gently flowing water is relaxing, and the idea of a fountain in the home is appealing and attractive. It can also add visual interest.

Planters can add color, texture, and style to your home. Whether you use them to hold live plants, silk plants, or books, they are an affordable and attractive addition to your decor.

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