Freedom of Religion? Freedom of Choice?

If we so choose we also have the liberty to leave or discontinue membership in a faith or spiritual group. In actually expressing our selection of faith but just how free are we?

Needless to say, many areas in the world don’t have any freedom of religion, but for the purposes of this post, I want to concentrate particularly on Western countries that are developed. Common practice in areas like the U.S. is to create the delusion of such independence while concurrently infringing on the rights of the kids to actually participate in spiritual selection. A minimal age isn’t referenced by our Constitution in our right while it may seem unusual to speak of kids having liberty of selection.

I agreed with this assumption. Rather than simply shoving them all in exactly the same way, this kind of initiative (if correctly performed) will enable them to free their head at an early age. After all, most people need our kids to become leaders rather than followers?

Maybe you have asked your child what she needs to be when she grows up? Of course you’ve got. You want your own kid to express her own singularity, establish career goals and reach them in any manner possible. And you’ll supply the liberty to choose how she goes about these matters to her. This is where you will repeat what was done to you. This is where freedom of selection ends. You see, the liberty to pick a faith isn’t for your children.

While my son took a position against it, his buddy insisted the demon is actually real. Eventually, they both determined to ask me for clarification on whether the demon exists. My unbelief in the demon’s existence isn’t a mystery to those who understand me, but I also do not believe it is not improper for me to affect my son’s buddy in the lack of his parents. To which my son’s buddy answered that his parents had told him so, so rather, I inquired how it’s that either of them can understand whether the demon really exists or not. I understood at the time, although my son did not comment further. After all, he is going to be prone to my beliefs and is my son.

A kid’s brain growth is most essential between birth and age three, and it’s in those years that most of the advice he receives becomes imbedded in his head. As I beat my own spiritual upbringing, I understand it first hand.

Nevertheless, for those who challenge their religion later in life, but can not escape the ensuing guilt, understand that it’s really potential to discard beliefs instilled in us from birth. It’s possible for you to empty your head, start fresh and be guilt free.

At some stage, he needed to lose everything he believed he understood in order to gain new paths of knowledge and later rewrite the science publications. His newfound knowledge helped in improved mankind. Likewise, faith must evolve or our spirituality will endure.

It’s critical the spirits’ message of openmindedness stay steady. To keep an open mind, we must empty all the info we were force fed as kids. (In a later post, I am going to let you know specifically how.) But must we do thus? Because faith has stagnated in its development, shut its doors on initiation. Faith is not going to give our kids the freedom to believe for themselves. Actually, it will do just the reverse. So if faith will not evolve we must actively do it. In order to help our kids spiritually we must reshape the next generation, in spite of the disapproval of our parents.

I am a Pathian; so, I Will let my son to question my manner. I will let him the independence to determine whichever path he needs to walk, even supposing it’s in contrast to my beliefs. I will constantly instruct him to respect all faiths, no matter his private view of them. Now it is time to question yourself, “Can I do the same? Can I adore my children unconditionally, regardless of which path they decide? Can I supply them the course of their choosing, remorse free?” It is time. It is time to shift our focus to the development of our spirituality. It is time to exercise an actual freedom of religion.