Steel Pots In An Urban Environment

Cities in every country are working to add green areas to the cityscape. Newer construction often adds reinforcement to the roof structures of buildings for that reason – to create a green space. Special allowance for the weight of planters, soil, plants and water is necessary so that the structure of the building is not compromised. Even established cityscapes, however can build green spots, sometimes in the most unlikely places.



Large buildings that have atria are prime locations for beautiful stainless steel plant pots. They establish focal points in the space, and can contain even the most invasive and powerful root systems, such as you find with a stand of bamboo. Business owners can create quite a feeling in the public areas of their buildings. Generous plantings make people feel more relaxed and take tension out of the area. Live plants also purify the air and add humidity.

Sidewalk Space

Another great location for steel pots is on the sidewalk. Available in a variety of finishes, the pots can catch the light or offer a beautiful patina. They can be custom made to fit just about any spot, whether beside the doors of your building or framing your property at the street. Stainless steel does not rust, so you don’t have to worry about staining on the sidewalk.

Some cities are even legislating green sidewalk space, giving tax breaks to businesses that maintain planters of trees, flowers, and greenery outside of their building.



Most cities have paved the area between the sidewalk and the street. This space is often called the parkway. The loss of this little strip of green space weighs heavily on the hearts of many people, and is tough on the environment. The addition of planters to these spaces creates little pockets of green space that give a welcome contrast to the glass, steel, and concrete of the modern city. Canopy trees can thrive in these areas, creating movement and shade in areas that have seen neither in decades the flowers and greenery that serve as underplantings bring life to otherwise sun-baked or overshadowed areas, their blooms and greenery adding a touch of aroma that is not man-made.

Effects of Green Areas

Cities and the land surrounding them benefit from the addition of green areas. Plants purify the air, processing toxins such as fluorocarbons and producing oxygen. They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, as well. They also increase the humidity, helping to regulate the moisture content of the ambient air. These green spaces also reduce the surface temperature of the earth. In fact, cities that have expansive green spaces attract more rainfall because the temperature radiating from the city does not evaporate the rain clouds as much.

Green areas also create a sense of peace and contentment. People tend to slow down a little bit when they are in the presence of nature. This is actually a marketing tool used by malls and other indoor shopping venues.

So, add a steel pot or two to your office, and make the world a better place.

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