Relieving Stress By Getting Yourself A Hobby

As I struggle to adapt to my new Windows 8.1 computer (apps? I don’t need no stinkin’ apps), I feel my blood pressure rise. So I turn to one of my favorite hobbies – a brief, tension-relieving game of Spider Solitaire. Only, it’s not there. I look for the program file, and there isn’t one. There is only a bunch of app icons scattered everywhere. Tension mounting, I search for game programs – excuse me – apps – only to find one that takes up the whole screen, yet is hard to read. I think I’ve blown a gasket by now.
We all need break. I’m not one to watch movies or play WOW on my computer at work, but I usually have a crossword puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle, or a game of solitaire open for a brief respite. There are all kinds of hobbies, and simple ones like these can make a person relax, even just a little bit. By relieving stress, you actually restore your energy. Hobbies are like that. They give you a chance to develop new skills and polish old ones, losing yourself in the process.

How Do Hobbies Help?


Most of the time, our hobbies are something we’re good at. We may or may not get paid to do our hobby, but they provide immense satisfaction. One of the ways hobbies help is by helping us center ourselves in something we do well. This restores our confidence and clears our minds. There is a certain balm to repetitive movements that will yield the result you expect, whether it is clicking an icon to deal virtual cards or digging a hole in the garden to plant a flower.

Our hobbies help us to relax, and yet, to feel “in control” at the same time. By finding joy in our hobbies, we shed stress and re-focus our energies.

What Hobbies Are Best?


Just as each person has a different personality, we each have a different taste for hobbies. For some, socializing is the best stress reliever, while for others, socializing would be the ultimate stress inducer. After a very stressful day, some people want the refuge of the kitchen, enjoying the activities of cooking their favorite meal. Gardening, cards, crochet, running, all are excellent hobbies that appeal to some, but not others.

How Do I Get a Hobby?

Sadly, so many people spend so much time working that they think there is no time for hobbies. Their only interest is getting to bed so they can go to work tomorrow. In these cases, it’s time to take on something totally new. The TV show “Dancing With the Stars” has brought dancing into the spotlight, and more people are going out to their local dance shop such as Weston dancewear and turning to dance as a viable hobby. They get some physical activity, experience art, and socialize, all at the same time.
Don’t be afraid to try something new. It will focus all of your energies, take you out of yourself, and build your confidence.

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