Positivity In Life

I’ve always thought to myself what is the better way to think about things, positively or negatively? It’s pretty obvious that negativity is perceived as being a bad thing, but thinking too unrealistically positive is only going to lead to disappointment. I actually have a friend who looks at everything pretty negativity, he says “if you think something isn’t going to happen and it does, it’s a bonus. If you think something is going to happen and it doesn’t, it’s a disappointment”. Although he is correct to an extent, having a negative outlook ALL the time can lead to something terrible. That terrible thing is something I like to call, being a grumpy git.

I also know somebody who is ridiculously positive, she doesn’t seem to realise that the world does not work like a fairy tale, and that you can get anything you want. I’m not sure if it’s naivety or a genuine belief but some of the things she thinks will happen are remarkable.

The key to staying healthy is to have a good balance of both. You need to choose your battles and weigh up your odds. Don’t get your hopes up if it’s a slim chance, certain things can be dangerous with an attitude like that. Gambling being one of them. If you can keep a good balance of both, you’ll find you’ll be less disappointed and not generally grumpy all the time.

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