Garden Pots And What They Can Do For Your Garden

Garden pots often grace our back patios, our front porches, and even our windows with beautiful offerings of foliage and colorful blooms. We purchase flower pots like we shop for furniture – looking for style, color, and fit. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I discovered the value of placing pots around in my garden. Here are some ways that garden pots can add a special touch to the garden.



Maybe it’s just me, but I love the huge garden pots. You know the kind – they are literally big enough for trees. They are big enough to hold two or three people. Most of the tie, these are used in urban or industrial settings, and certainly for commercial use. They are quite handy in areas where there is mostly pavement, such as mall courtyards. The sight of a tree in a huge pot can create a Lilliputian atmosphere. It can also be used quite effectively in your garden.

This type of garden pot is not portable. Not only do the pots themselves usually have to be placed by machinery, the earth ad plants in the pots are too heavy to move. So, why use them in your garden?

You use them because they are another level to your planting. Think of different styles of gardens, and how they would benefit from such striking pots and plantings. Your Old English flower bed is beautiful and fragrant, with many different blooms, textures, and scents. Now, imagine a large planter toward one corner of the flower bed, brimming with King Papyrus. It adds a focal point and a surprise feature that captures the imagination.

This use of pots can draw visitors to more obscure areas of your garden, or add plants to sections of your garden which normally won’t grow anything.


Forced Perspective

Do you have an almost unbearably large garden? You work hard in all corners of the space, but most of it is lost to viewers. Create a forced perspective by adding carefully selected garden pots. They can be used almost as forms of sculpture, without cluttering up the spaces. A series of large pots in that back corner of the garden, complete with plants with wide, shiny leaves, can make the back corner appear closer than it really is.


With the reverse tactic, you can make small gardens look larger with your choice of flower pots. Place the larger pots, with plants that have larger leaves and fewer branches, near the seating area of your garden. Place smaller pots at the perimeter. These pots can have plants with small leaves and branching patterns. The effect is that the smaller plats lose detail, and appear to be further away. This makes the garden look bigger than it actually is. By scaling your plantings and garden pots in this way, you create forced perspective.

Garden pots can create depth and add sculptural beauty to your garden. Think about incorporating attractive pots to your garden.

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