Protecting Your Garden Gates And Fencing

As weather changes, once again, in most parts of the world, we begin to look at taking care of outdoor areas, protecting them for the cold winter months. Such is the case with our garden gates and fencing. You may not consider these areas to be much of a maintenance concern, but with a little protection and loving care, you’ll find that your gates and fences will be much more durable.


Wooden fences and gates, even if they are made of resilient cedar or redwood, need to be waterproofed. The best thing to do is, at least once a year, power wash your fences and gates. This removes embedded dirt and cobwebs, and will break loose any insect eggs that may have been laid in crevices and cracks. If the fence has a good waterproof paint or stain already, you may be able to stop there. However, if the finish has deteriorated, you are much better off re-staining or painting the wood. This is usually easily done, depending on interference from landscaping.

Stains are available in both oil base and water base. Whichever you use, you should be sure to protect surrounding plants from overspray or from drips. Saturate the wood of the fence with the stain. The wood grain will swell with the stain, making the surface smoother. Besides reducing the likelihood of splinters, this will also reduce the amount of drag the fence encounters in a high wind, and provides less texture for bugs and dirt to cling to.

Paint should be carefully applied, as well. Paint will create a seal over the surface of the wood, rather than soaking into the grain as much as stain does. It may also take longer to dry. be careful if you’re spraying stain as you don’t want to get it onto your plants, maybe bring turn your outdoor plants into inside plants whilst the stain dries. Both stain and paint that are oil based will take longer to dry than water based products.

Ground Swell

Different climates, of course, experience different amounts of earth instability. Extremely dry climates with clay soil may experience soil that draws back from the fence posts. Very moist soil may swell, creating an uneven perimeter along the fence line. Either of these situations can create a strain on the fence as fence posts “settle”, putting a bind on sections of the fence. In these cases, you may find that pickets or boards of the fence begin to pop loose or twist. This can also keep your gate from shutting properly. Check your fence at least once a year to see of you need to refasten loose boards or re-align sections of the fence. This will keep the structure from becoming weakened and, basically, tearing itself to pieces over the course of just a few years.

Security Gates

Remember that for a security gate to do its job. It must close solidly. As a fence and gate age, there may be some torque in the frame, posts, or boards. There may also be some failure in the hinges, causing the gate to droop. Either of these situations will keep your gate from closing or remaining closed, and should be dealt with promptly.

Clothing Quality: Does Buying Brand Names Prove Quality?

You may be too young to remember the “designer jeans” craze of the 80s. Up until then, only cowboys wore jeans. Then, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, and other big name clothing designers discovered denim, and the Designer Jean became a hallmark of haute couture. From that time on, jeans became an acceptable every-day clothing item for people of any profession. In fact, designer jeans were the pivotal point in introducing “casual Friday”. You could finally wear jeans to work, but it had to be a certain brand to keep you classy. Is that still true? Do you still get quality and respect when you buy certain brand names?


It used to be that brand names were constructed better than store brands. You would find generous seam allowances, which would provide more tailoring options. This would make the designer brand more versatile, since it could be tailored to fit different body requirements. The wider seams also resisted tears better.
That was then. Designer’s studios were carefully supervised, and quality construction was present at every step of the way. Yes, the designer brands were more expensive, but the clothing you bought could be tailored to your needs, and would last practically forever. These days, some of the closely supervised designer shops have given way to mass production in China. And, as with any mass-produced product, corners are cut and quality suffers. The generous seam allowances have gone away, making many brand names no better than their off-the-rack store brand competition. No longer can the brand name be tailored to make it look like it was made for you, specifically.

Quality Material


Another loss the fashion world has encountered is access to quality fabrics. In the designer studios of 30 years ago, only the best cuts of fabrics were used in clothing. I know, this sounds like I’m talking about cuts of beef, but it’s nearly the same! Print and woven fabric must be cut just so, or the prints won’t line up when the piece is sewn together. A high quality brand name used to sell only the best prints, with the patterns lined up and the cut of fabric consistent all the way around. Not all shops stock this kind of material. Some shops strive to provide quality when they buy in their brands. Today’s cost cutting, mass-produced brand names use every square inch of fabric, even if it means that your jeans or skirt shrink unevenly due to non-biased cuts. In addition, that extra touch of class you used to get with well-matched patterns is absent, now. The brand names are now off-the-rack, and the quality has dropped.


Yes, polyester is still around, and it’s alive and well in brand name clothing. That’s because polyester is inexpensive and easy to substitute into patterns. Besides the construction and material, brand names get that brand recognition because of high quality design. Unfortunately, now that the brands are established, cheap polyester fabrics are being substituted for the high quality ones that created the brand. So, you get the cut, but not the quality.

Choosing The Right Gate For Your Garden

Your garden gate serves multiple purposes, from security to architectural accent. It can be therapeutic for you to perfect your garden, A well built fence will not only add beauty to your garden, it will keep unwanted visitors out, even making your home safer. Here are some ideas for choosing the right gate to compliment your garden.


What style have you incorporated into your garden? If you have edged flower beds, with topiaries and trimmed shrubs, you will probably like a more formal garden gate. A formal gate often looks like the door to a house, with, perhaps, wrought iron inserts rather than windows. Such gates may be flanked by a decorative column, and attached with heavy duty hinges.
A more casual style garden, with shrubs left to grow naturally and scatterings of groups of flowers, will look great with a barn-style gate. This will have the long wrought iron hinges and hasp, reminiscent of a stable door.


Your gate may or may not be an important privacy feature. If the gate is on a part of the fence facing the public, you may want a privacy gate that no one can see through. In some cases, the gate may be designed to look just like the rest of the fence, making it harder to spot. Or, the opposite may be true, with a lovely arch or trellis over the gate. Either way, the solid structure and the height of the gate lends itself to privacy in the garden.
However, you may wish to draw attention to a part of your garden with an attractive gate. These  are often bespoke gates, crafted from “found” items such as antique headboards or old wooden doors. These items can add architectural interest to your garden, and serve to draw the visitor into an otherwise unnoticed section.


Whether your gate is for privacy or architectural interest will also determine whether or not it is a security gate. A decorative gate may not even be functional, simply standing open to entice visitors. But, a security gate is intended to keep unwanted visitors out, and to keep them from escaping through the garden if they do enter elsewhere.
A security gate does not have to be ugly. In fact, they are often quite beautiful, with arched frames and intricate metalwork. The key to a security gate is to keep it locked. Surprisingly, many people think that simply latching a gate is enough to promote security. This may mean that an intruder would have to climb the fence to get into the garden, but all he has to do to let is mates in, or to haul your belongings out, is to unlatch the gate. Thus, it is crucial to keep your security gate locked.

Whether you select a gate for accent, decoration, privacy, or security, the best way to keep it functioning is to keep the swing-path clear of debris. This will reduce strain on the hinges and anchor post as the gate is opened and closed.

Taking That Time Out For Yourself

Taking time out for yourself is a very important part of life, and not everyone does it. I wanted to talk about how not taking time out can effect you in a very negative way. People like to shrug stress off like it doesn’t exist, but unfortunately it does and it can cause so many underlying health issues. There just doesn’t seem to be an effective solution to the problem either, other than not working!

What you want to do is get yourself down to the beach on a lovely sunny day, head to the Surf Shop , and then ride the waves all day. You just need something to take your mind off of the stresses of work.


Exercise is one way to do this, but there are also other methods involving your brain. Meditation is a great way to try and relieve stress, imagine sitting with your eyes closed in complete silence, enjoying the nothingness. You can also get this kind of experience from doing yoga, there are several different types that involve stretches, meditation and all kinds of other interesting things.

Yeotown offers yoga camp to those who want to take a nice retreat and have a relaxing time. They can do all kinds of things aswell as offering detox and other forms of health.

So if you’re interested take a look, it could relieve stress and make your life much better.

Positivity In Life

I’ve always thought to myself what is the better way to think about things, positively or negatively? It’s pretty obvious that negativity is perceived as being a bad thing, but thinking too unrealistically positive is only going to lead to disappointment. I actually have a friend who looks at everything pretty negativity, he says “if you think something isn’t going to happen and it does, it’s a bonus. If you think something is going to happen and it doesn’t, it’s a disappointment”. Although he is correct to an extent, having a negative outlook ALL the time can lead to something terrible. That terrible thing is something I like to call, being a grumpy git.

I also know somebody who is ridiculously positive, she doesn’t seem to realise that the world does not work like a fairy tale, and that you can get anything you want. I’m not sure if it’s naivety or a genuine belief but some of the things she thinks will happen are remarkable.

The key to staying healthy is to have a good balance of both. You need to choose your battles and weigh up your odds. Don’t get your hopes up if it’s a slim chance, certain things can be dangerous with an attitude like that. Gambling being one of them. If you can keep a good balance of both, you’ll find you’ll be less disappointed and not generally grumpy all the time.

Welcome To Blue Jean Church

This is the Blue Jean Church, My place for talking about life and everything in it. I wanted to start a website that makes it easy for me to talk about situations in my life and let other people contribute and share their stories too. I’m completely open to guest posting so if you feel something relates to you and you want to share your side of the story, contact me!

Wrap Up Warm For Winter

Winter Is Coming…. Yes, your’re right, I’m waiting for Game Of Thrones to come back on. But in the meantime, winter really is coming, and it’s going to be cold! So what can you do to keep yourself happy and healthy during the winter? Well, its all about keeping warm isn’t it, but there are other aspects too. If you’re short of cash, you might want to wear thick layers of clothes indoors. You don’t want to be spending a fortune on heating and electricity. Just put on lots of clothes and make sure you stay warm.


Good advice would be to take a look at Pure Sheepskin and get some sheepskin clothing, it’s a fantastic material that really helps to keep you warm. Hot drinks will also be a good idea, get some nice coffee or tea, and even make yourself soup for lunch. Hot drinks and soup should be good enough to warm your cockles and make your winter experience all the better.

You might want to stock up on cold supplies too, as Winter is a very cold and fluey season. You don’t really want to be getting yourself a flu or a cold, but if its unavoidable it’s best to be stocked up on the medications that will help you survive. There are lots of other tips too, such as putting your socks on the stove when your cooking dinner to give yourself a nice warm toasty hole to slip your feet into. Enjoy the winter.