Great Clothing For The Winter

This winter, by all accounts, stands to be one of the coldest in recent memory. So, in order to create a healthier world, we need to go shopping! After all, none of us can afford to get sick from exposure. Some great clothing for the winter will keep us nice and warm, and keep us healthy too.

Tunic Tops


Perhaps one of the most versatile items of clothing in a woman’s closet is the tunic. With long sleeves and a longer-than usual hemline, a tunic will offer style and warmth on blustery days and cold nights. They will couple nicely with your winter coat, or serve perfectly on chilly days without the help of an outer jacket. Masai clothing makes a great variety of tunics, from velvet to cotton, depending on your tastes.


Long-sleeved t-shirts are also a great fashion choice for winter weather. While too light-weight for outside wear without an outer covering, they are perfect for home and the office. T-shirts are not just for slogans, anymore, with quality designers and clothing companies incorporating a wide variety of materials and designs in the product. These days the term “t-shirt” applies more to a shape of top than the construction. A t-shirt can have cap sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long sleeves, and will usually hit anywhere from mid-waist to mid-hip. You can expect a t-shirt to be a little more form fitting than a tunic, and it will have a little bit of stretch to it. The great feature of this item is that it can be paired with cardigans, jackets, scarves, and winter coats for an overall look that creates your own unique style. Dolan makes some great t-shirts that will go from summer to winter with the right wardrobe additions.



Ah, the winter coat. What a magnificent wardrobe addition! Having grown up in a balmy part of the world, where a winter coat is necessary only 2 or 3 days a year, I was totally unaware that people who lived in colder climes would have SEVERAL winter coats! A lady I knew from New York had 5! Each one was a work of art, with beautiful design and a variety of materials. Long or short, your winter coats can be chosen to compliment your wardrobe and look great at the same time. Apt. 9, Croft & Barrow, and IZ Byer have some great styles out there for the lover of winter coats.


Never underestimate the value of a closet full of cardigans. The cardigan may be one of the most versatile wardrobe items, yet. It can add a touch of color and texture to an otherwise ordinary shell or t-shirt. It can be an extra layer of warmth over your office wear and beneath your coat. It can take your summer wardrobe into the winter with ease and style. Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, and Mudd make some great designs with durable materials that you’ll just love to add to your wardrobe.

The Perfect Fitting Jeans

Jeans are a staple of the UK wardrobe. Casual Fridays at work were often initiated to allow jeans to be worn at work. Jeans are combined with heals, jackets, and other fantastic accessories for an overall look that can go from casual to professional, and from classic looks to party wear. However, finding the perfect fitting jeans can be a real problem. One-size-fits-all does not fit all, and everything from the placement of pockets to the rise of waist make a difference in fit and feel. The much maligned “mom jeans,” with their high waist and high pockets, once were intended to accent a small waist and feminine hips. However, they are not seen as flattering these days. Indeed, it is much better to go for an overall fit, rather than just looking at one feature of the figure. The return of hip-hugger jeans is testimony to the changing styles. Now called “low-rise jeans,” hip-huggers are the opposite extreme from “mom jeans.” For this reason, companies such as NYDJ have become popular. NYDJ stands for “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” and the designers make it possible to find the perfect fitting jeans.

Plus-Size Fit


Face it, most women struggle with plus-size fit at some time. In fact, women struggle with weight fluctuations not just throughout the month, but throughout the lives, as well. This can actually justify an entire wardrobe of jeans, if you want to look at it that way!

In general, when you’re looking for a plus-size pair of jeans, look for mid-rise waists. This will keep from pinching at the waist that will be uncomfortable. Some women think they need to tuck the waist in to create an hourglass figure, but that creates an unnatural profile.

Your daughter’s jeans probably have acid washing on them. The seat and/or thighs may be washed out. There may also be a special effect called “whiskering” at the crotch. These are the horizontal lines that travel from the crotch out toward the outer thighs. These faded effects actually serve to widen the hips and thighs, rather than compliment them.

Finally, don’t be afraid to wear boot-cut jeans. For about 10 years, the style has been straight leg jeans that are the same width as the thigh all the way down. But now, legs that taper slightly at the knee then flair out slightly at the ankle are easier to find, and are very flattering.

Muffin Top


Be honest, now – do you have a “muffin top”? High waist jeans are uncomfortable and stiff, while low waist jeans accent the part of your midsection that you would rather not draw attention to.

The key here is to look for jeans such as NYDJ, which are designed to fit women’s bodies, rather than junior sizes. They are cut just a little higher, and a wide waistband will help to retain the extra “muffin.” A mid-rise waist is more flattering. Until you can switch your wardrobe over to mid-rise adult jeans, a loose fitting top or bubble top looks really cute with the jeans you have.