Building The Perfect Outdoor Shelter


The perfect outdoor shelter is one that serves its purpose without being a blight on the landscape. This means that you must design it with care, so that it will withstand weather, wear and tear, and gravity that may cause doors to sag and windows to stick. It also means you must use quality materials, like Somerset Siding.

Site Preparation


Preparing the site for your construction is crucial to its stability. First of all, check all codes. There are usually easements required, leaving a certain distance between the structure and the border of your property.

Make sure the site is perfectly level. If you have access to surveyor services, take advantage of their expertise. You may have to hire a dirt mover if your build is going to be very large.

Your footings should e placed so that they won’t budge or break. In some cases, you may get to pour a concrete slab for the floor of your outdoor shelter. Otherwise, make sure that the supports are placed to support the flooring.



Start off with a high quality design. If you want to buy a plan, there are many available at your local home improvement store. In some areas, you have to get your plans approved before you begin construction. Purchasing a pre-approved plan will allow you to skip this step, but you will still need the appropriate permits.

When you select the plan, you’ll first make your selection based on the style of the building. Besides appearance, you will want a structure that provides you with enough headroom for your purposes. If it is simply for storage, you won’t need as much clearance as you would in a workshop. In addition, an outdoor shelter that will be used for a workshop needs windows. This can increase the cost and structural complication, but you’ll be glad for the light and visibility provided. You’ll also benefit from being able to ventilate the space.

Quality Materials

Your outdoor shelter needs to be made out of quality materials. This is not the area in which you need to scrimp. The frame, while built of construction grade timber, should still be sturdy enough to support itself. The cladding and interior walls will stabilize it, but you need to make sure that the frame will not bow or buckle once the cladding is attached. Sturdy, straight timber is crucial at This point.

Many people will choose inexpensive particle board for cladding. The problem with this is that particle board is not weather resistant. It will come apart in bad weather, leaving you without the shelter you wanted. Somerset Cladding is designed specifically to protect your structure. When installed properly, it sheds water and helps to keep pests out. It is also a good looking finish to your building, available in several different styles and colors.

The cladding you select should be sturdy enough to withstand wind and severe weather without breaking loose or warping. That is why Somerset Cladding is a good choice.


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